Cabin4j Analytics & Monitoring

As Cabin4j Suite is a spring boot based framework it uses a micrometer to integrate spring boot actuator metrics with a monitoring system called Prometheus and a graphing solution called Grafana. These solutions provide deep insights into the performance of your applications and can boost the productivity and innovation of your engineers, enabling them to create more value for the business.

It allows a business to monitor their application's health and metrics, and allows them to manage it better, notice unoptimized behavior, and better understand its performance. This especially holds when a system is having a microservice architecture, where monitoring each microservice can prove to be crucial when it comes to maintaining the system.

  • Real Time Metrics
  • Effective Monitoring & Measurement
  • Dashboards & Precise Alerting


Prometheus is a time-series database that stores our metric data by pulling it (using a built-in data scraper) periodically over HTTP. The intervals between pulls can be configured, of course, and we have to provide the URL to pull from. It also has a simple user interface where we can visualize/query on all of the collected metrics.



Grafana offers a rich UI where you can build up custom graphs quickly and create a dashboard out of many graphs in no time. You can also import many community built dashboards for free and get going.



  • Real-time metrics allows real-time or near-real time metrics information about activities happening in your application.

  • Application performance measurement is necessary for all types of applications. Depending on your application, there could be many other monitoring needs and the health of your applications can have a big effect on your business. So it’s essential to consider the bottom-line impact that visibility into your application performance can have on your organization.

  • Dashboards present the most commonly viewed data in an immediately intelligible manner that can help users understand system state at a glance. Many different dashboard views can be created for different job functions or areas of interest.

    Alerting is the component of a monitoring system that performs actions based on changes in metric values. Alerts allow you to define situations that make sense to actively manage while relying on the passive monitoring of the software to watch for changing conditions.