Cabin4j Platform

Cabin4j Platform is the core of the Cabin4j Suite and ships with out-of-the-box common application requirements that allows you to quickly prototype and develop your web application. It provides you the base solution and lets you focus on your business related implementation.

  • Business Rule Engine
  • Task and Schedulers
  • Analytics and Monitoring
  • Cache Management
  • Utility Services


  • One of the components of Cabin4j Platform is Business Logic Integration Platform based on Drools which can be used seamlessly inside the Cabin4j Suite allowing you to separate and reason over logic and data found within business processes. Rules make it easy to express solutions to difficult problems in less complex language. The data resides in the Domain Objects and the business logic resides in the Rules. This is especially beneficial in cases where there are frequent change requests. You can add new rules or modify existing ones during runtime as per your requirements. Read More...

  • Cabin4j Platform has an in-built Task and Scheduler management API that lets you handle events and cronjobs. This api provides you the capability to handle different aspects of you business. You can configure it to perform some periodic task of fire some event and dynamically change the time and frequency of the executions. This is especially beneficial in microservice architecture where you can target operations on the basis of the node.

  • As Cabin4j Suite is a spring boot based framework it uses micrometer to integrate spring boot actuator metrics with a monitoring system called Prometheus and a graphing solution called Grafana. These solutions provide deep insights about the performance of your applications and can boost the productivity and innovation of your engineers, enabling them to create more value for the business. Read More...

  • Cabin4j Suite provides cache management capabilities allowing caching of frequently used data in application thus increasing the performance of an application. Storage of frequently accessed data in memory is done to avoid hitting the costly backends whenever the user requests the data. Cache management is done via spring boot cache infrastructure with Redis as the cache provider. The management of the cache is controllable from Cabin4j Administrator allowing you finer control over the application's cache.

  • Cabin4j Platform ships with several utility services which saves your time by providing common application requirements as a pre-built solution.